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Mamlish Blues

This song is by Ed Bell and appears on the compilation album Ed Bell "Mamlish Blues" (1927-1930) (1992).

Spoken: Folks, these are my mamlish blues
I'm gonna tell you just what they mean

You used to be my sugar but you ain't sweet no, mamlish more
Used to be my sugar, you ain't sweet no more
'Cause you mistreated me and you drove me from your door

Mama, must I sell it or keep it for my, mamlish self
Mama, must I sell it, keep it for myself
Mama, I done got tired of sleeping by myself

Well, my mama, she didn't like me, my papa, he give me, mamlish 'way
Mama didn't like me, papa, he give me 'way
That's the very reason that I'm a wandering child today

Talkin' 'bout your stroller but you just ought to see, mamlish mine
Talkin' 'bout your stroller, just ought to see mine
She ain't so good looking but she do dress fine

She was standin' on a corner, between Twenty-fifth and, mamlish Main
She stood on a corner, 'tween Twenty-fifth and Main
And a blind man seed her and a dumb man called her name

And the dumb man asked her, say, "Who's your regular man can be?"
Dumb man asked her, "Who your man can be?"
And the blind man told her, said "You sure look good to me"

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