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This song is by Echolyn and appears on the album I Heard You Listening (2015).

I'm getting bigger
Than the armies that are outside
I've got plans that suffocate
And I don't really care

I feel like Warjazz
With a nod to the none
'Cause everyone pulls and spins together
Into the burn, together all alone

I need a space surrounded by dozens of windows
And clear far-off warnings
So I can go wide and long
Together all alone

I can't recognize the randomness
The blurry syncopated fits
Is their purpose in chaotic hits that move in and out of time?

There's Warjazz in the smoky halls
It calls for me to go
To an alley joint of cocktail haze
In random muffled tones

Gone away
Once it's been had it's never quite the same
Struggle to remember, it's never quite the same
Once it's been had, it's never...

I pull the trigger
'Cause I'm jumping in and out of my skin
Insides feel like trouble
Everything's starting to spin

I've got days and days where I hesitate
I'll never get them back
I used to move ahead of the sun
But now my sun burns back

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