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Once I Get Mine

This song is by Echolyn and appears on the album I Heard You Listening (2015).

Pushing, pushing 'til I blur the line
Doesn't matter what you get once I've got mine
Taking, taking 'til I've had my fill
If you don't grab what's left my friend
You know I will
It doesn't matter what you get
It doesn't matter what you get
I've been taking before you take away
It doesn't matter what you get
Once I've got mine

I'm moving step by step
You feel me moving past
When I take my place
You know I won't be last
He, piece by piece
I'm building mine
Glory be for me
Is your decline
Glory be for me

Pushing everybody and taking everything
I'm pushing everybody and taking everything
No regrets is how I sleep at night

I can hear your body
I can read your face as well
You can shine your suit
But you can't hide the sell

Your biggest day
It isn't mine
So sorry

Words, washing over me
Exploding in my head
Washing over me
It isn't what you get
Words, words
Tangled in my head
Give, give it isn't you!

Once I get mine
Once I get mine
You can have it all, and take it all????
Once I get mine

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