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This song is by Ebony Ark and appears on the album Decoder (2004).

In the magic path
Of your emotions
You always sowed The seed of lowlines
The seed grew in my heart
And never can I now
Forget the tree that grew in my soul

Why did you allowed me
Into the darkness
Now I'm a fallen leaf
(From) the tree of my memories
The wind drags me
And it stole our tears and smiles
To stick them eternally

In our tormented souls

Don't take me away
Don't you drag me
To the River of Farewell
Inside me there's still some love
That will let me see the light

When I cannot
Hear your whisper
I think of the farewell
When I can feel
Your skin around me
Reminds me of our time

I met a wise man once
And this is what he said:
Don't fear the River of Farewell
Because it will guide
You through this otherwise
Senseless thing called life

8. Humans or Beasts

In the line of evolution
Something made stand apart from
The beasts surrounding us
Made us different

We have the chance to use
This world to serve our plans
The ability to hate and love
To choose the way that we live our lives

This world must change
We carry the slab of indifference
Time to replace
Time to recover
The faith

Are we humans or beasts...?

Lie and hate
Steal and murder one
Our greed
Will kill our planet
Can't make out
If we are beasts

That man's not white he must die
And doesn't believe in my God
He must pay for his sins
We're not equal

We have no rules at all
No mind no sell our friends
Killing them, ashamed and tourtured them
At whatever cost
And break all the laws

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