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Damned By The Past

This song is by Ebony Ark and appears on the album Decoder (2004).

You've been waiting for the time
Gave my life for the reason why

Now I'm burning in, the shores of my stills
Trying to figure out
...(Figure out...)...

Out what yoy left inside the time
Looking at your eyes trying

To scape from what's on your mind
Scape from the same scene
Run from ghosts
Hate surrounding me
Seeking for the way to save this

They call me now I surrender
They've damned me there's no time for me
Thay call me I knucle under
Still I'm in trance
Praying on my knees

You thought you were above us
Now I'm dying by your bloody hands

Will you forgive me?
Forgive all my sins?
Tried to figure out
...(Figure out...)...

Out what you left inside the time
Knowing that you are now trying...

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