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Beyond The Veil

This song is by Ebon Arcanum and appears on the album Awakening (2014).

The outer reaches, far from the day
Beyond the veil I've gone, so far away
Ethereal existence plagued by suffering
Nothing lies before me, all is left behind

And still I will linger, still I live on
Away from everyone, until I am gone
Redemption impossible, trapped in the pale
Here I will remain, beyond the veil

Eternal sadness inside me, it fills my heart
No way to begin anew, no path to the start
This lingering feeling, it pulls me down
No one here to save me, soon I will drown
Emptiness and silence, they haunted my dreams
Now they've become a part of this bitter reality
No hope for tomorrow, none for yesterday
I lie in cold silence and fade away

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