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Pop Art Bop

This song is by Ebn Ozn and appears on the album Feeling Cavalier (1984).

Pop Art, Pop Art Bop
Start, stop, hop to the Pop Art
Start, stop, hop to the Pop Art
Start, stop, hop to the Pop Art Bop.

Pop Art, Pop Art Bop

I'm gonna get a Campbell's soup can
A big old canvas and an easel stand
Do its portrait in plastic paint
Soup can art... what vision! How quaint.

Snap your fingers, make it clean
Like a robot dance machine
Chacha-cha, 2-3-4
More is less, but less is more.

I don't think a rock band should
Know how to play instruments
It's old fashioned and besides
I can't relate to it politically.

Pop Art, Pop Art Bop!

See a junkie that's a rockin' star
Paint his picture by a 50's car
When he dies young they'll call him a saint
Then sell his soul on a photo plate.

Punch left, right, circle round
Listen up, shimmy down
Point to heaven, point to hell
Stomp on the devil, now do it well.

Wo wo-oh wo wo-oh wo
Pop Art
Wo wo-oh wo wo-oh wo
Pop Art.

Hi. I'm looking for the audition
You play reeds man?
No, I don't read man
Oh, you a reed man
That's right, that's right, Don Reid
Donna Reed?
Yeah. I'd love to learn!

Pop Art, Pop Art Bop!

Pain makes art that's what you think
I've suffered, huh! I've been-on-the-brink
Pain makes shit, that's what I say
Romantic notions, they made me pay.

Step forward, side, touch his face
Kisses on a private place
Take a trip around the world
Get your shots first, do it girl!

What you put out will come back round
A heavy circle but very sound
Time goes forward but your mind looks back
The art of living's an elusive knack.

Step forward, back through the doors
The pentacle's on the disco floor
Take your partner's waist in your hands
Rock it nasty like a stone age man!

Say what?
Say OM!
Say what?
Say OM!
Oh, Pop Art.

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