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Cock The 9

This song is by Eazy-E and appears on the EP Impact of a Legend (2002).

F/ Loco S.A.B, Phalos Mode

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From the king of badness

I got the shit that makes niggaz wanna flip
G'd up all better wit beanies

Sweatin all the bitches to blow are weanies

Niggaz all getting drunk, and smoking a bum bud

Oh wait here's a punk, pump the trunk

'Cause it's a gang of jackers in the front smoking
All the hump, some shit was said about blue and red

But I'm colour blind and I gotta nine

Threw up the sign I cock the 9, I cock the 9.

(Loco S.A.B)

Well nigga pop the 9and let it holla

Test drive wit a neighbourhood's scholar
Black Impaler, blue chucks on gettin' outta

Sucks on hip hop thugsta get the fuck on

Niggaz looking shifty, do they wanna diss me, lick me

Show me love or peel my cap quickly
My six sense won't let me slip don't puff wit the draggin em
I'm still toe taggin em, hit the spot wit a don still baggin em

It's the low call, S.A.B on the vocal, blast my way out eazy pay

The way, all you bitch niggaz stay out

I cock the 9, I cock the 9, I cock the 9 (and everything is fine)

I cock the 9, I cock the 9, I cock the 9 (my homey pop the 9)

I cock the 9, I cock the 9, I cock the 9 (*gun shot*)
I cock the 9, I cock the 9, I cock the 9 (my homey pop the 9)

(Phalos Mode)

It's like dice game, dice game niggaz get they roll'on

Everything's all good till niggaz getting sold on

Here we all get together and shoot, fuck

I grab my gun then I picked up my loot

But I didn't lose shit so it's all good
Leavin' pumpin Eazy-E "Boyz 'n' the Hood"

'Cause I'm a gangsta so I can relate, most of these

Niggaz is fake and tryin' to hate

I put a buster in his place, I put one in his face

Obey my first and give him the taste
That's how I duz it, that's how I do it
And the murder weapon that I use you know I threw it

He kept persuading so I had to do it, 'uh' play

For keeps that's the rule of the streets 'uh'.

(Loco S.A.B)
Dick Tracy all on my nuttz like Cagny and Lacy

And don't faze me, Ruthless is the label that pays me

But this one H.K weighs a ton, words are yellow wit

The ??? freaks on a run, bring ya condom in the kingdom

Huh ho from the ceilin to the floor, info red at ya window

Plus the E go hangin' out the beamer tho

Drop shit like a seagull, for the people

Ho's make a contribution, but y'all don't hear me tho.


Tuck ya legs to my dick with the wrap 'em real tight

Just incase its on and a nigga gotta fight, an a
Nigga gotta bust, but who in the fuck said in god we trust

The shit wen't down everybody start runnin'

Bitches screamin and the bullets still comin'

Run into a nigga tryin' to save mine, reach for my gun ah shit!

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