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This song is by Easyworld and appears on the album This Is Where I Stand (2002).

This is just a call to let you know
There's nothing on these shiny videos
And throw away your teenage magazines
They sap away what little is still remaining of your self esteem
...You know

Here's a day to last for a while
A run toward the guns and you're out in style
Here's your golden opportunity
To take these things that scare the shit out of you and put them all on me
...You know

Give me all your demons
They don't scare me now

You waste your days away on things so small
These concerns are no concerns at all
The demons gather round to wreck your day
But let me show you this fear for what it really is and see them fall away
...And it's over

Give me all your demons
They don't scare me now

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