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This song is by Eastmountainsouth and appears on the album Eastmountainsouth (2003).

was it really
years ago
did you need me
well, I'll never know
I'm sorry for clinging
I'm sorry for wanting more
my heart was there for you pounding down your door

maybe it was timing
maybe I was too much
running behind you
pushing my love
well, you weren't ready
and you said you thought I knew
but I was taken with your beauty
I was lost inside of you

winter made a sound
maybe next time if you need me
I'll be around... I'll be around... I'll be around
I'll be around

I never meant to swallow you
you never were my savior maybe just my lover
maybe nothing more

now one more winter
has passed so silently
and I'm tired of longing
that you'll come back to me

winter made a sound
maybe next time
if you need me... yeah' you'll need me
and winter made a sound
I know' if you need me
I'll be around' I'll be around' I'll around
I'll be around

now one more winter I know' now one more winter I
hey' yeah... hey... yeah...

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