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This song is by East West and appears on the album The Light In Guinevere's Garden (2001).

One more life is swayed,
To gain your so called freedom,
You lie, you cheat, you steal,
And yet you still don't see.
Overturn the will of the people,
While we just stand by idle,
Yeah, that's right I'm pointing fingers,
You wait and see.

How's this! is this what you wanted?

Open up your eyes,
And face what is to come.
These lies they're gaining ground,
And we're just buying' time,
We stand our backs are braced,
Our feet are firmly planted,
Come quickly God we cry,
Come quickly, come quickly.

I see your face, your hand so close, your voice so clear,
We see your face, your hands so close, your voice so clear.

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