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Shit Hits the Fan

This song is by Tha Eastsidaz.

Ya boy is back
Pete Stonez
It's a freestyle

Y'all know me it's the kid comin' through
Still lightin up and smokin' that shit in the crib wit the crew
What I did in a month you won't do
But it's hard to find a girl in my arms these days that won't screw
Teenagers go crazy over cum
So the next couple of bitches I fuck, just maybe older ones
After she takes off her clothes, to the shower
But I still gotta go the pimp way and switch hoes every hour
I'm chillin' rollin' a blueberry blunt
Sittin' back, tryin' to figure out how many hoes I screw every month
If they want me they just call me, they know I'm ready
I'll pull up in a 'vette, and I'm talkin' bout that '05 Chevy
So hop off cause the ball's on my court
I been famous in Queens but now I'm known in all of New York
I'm at clubs and they settin my hits up
But if there's bitches, I can't leave a club without gettin' my dick sucked

That's it
What's good

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