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On Top

This song is by East Sidaz.

The East-Sidaz at it once again,
Petey Pete,
It's the new movement nigga,

(Chorus 2x Petey Pete)
It's the E to the A to the S to the T,
You'll get shot, if you messin wit me,
I'm the best can't you see,
Niggas stressed because we,
Got this mothafucka locked,
TNM's on top,

I don't like getting, disrespected,
Do something and think you can hide, I have corrupt detectives,
I'll find you and when I do, your ass is done,
I'll shoot you right in the back, when you jumpin' sayin' you won,
And the beef's not squashed, it's too late,
Then I'm gonna have your whole family's heads on a plate,
I walk around herbin you fags,
And don't try to act hard, wit ya fuckin' pussy ass du-rags,
And you think I fight dirty, I don't care,
I'll fight all your pussy asses, at the Greek fair,
My rhymes will kill you 'cause I have so much sorrow,
And I do more damage than the 'Day After Tomorrow',

(Chorus 2x Petey Pete)

(Petey Pete)
Listen up mothafuckas,
Everybody's lovin' my shit,
The niggas all on my whip, the bitches all on my dick,
And like Dre, I'm makin' beats but I'm younger,
And besides the sun, my album's another source of heat for the summer,
My crew's full of niggas wit attitudes,
We don't know how to lose, we'll leave your ass with more than black and blues,
If I don't like you, I'm comin' up ready to fight you,
Pull you to a glass window, and I'll put your ass right through,
All you fuckin' niggas, gettin' shitted on,
Walk through Queens with my fitted on, screamin 'let's get it on',
Walkin' tough, hooked wit ma guns,
One wrong look, I'll shoot you till your fuckin' body look like a sponge,
You wanna slam me, and if it's beef I'm comin' handy,
Whether I'm in a Benz or a Camry,
Niggas playin' talkin' shit games,
Like my neighbor, I made him buy new pants, his old ones have shit stains,
On the boulevard, lookin' hard, niggas wanna grill,
Them niggas better chill, cause them niggas gettin' killed,
This shit's head, and if you wanna make our cliques meet,
I'm on 34th Ave. and 146th street,

(Chorus 2x Petey Pete)

Once again,
Petey Pete and Xtacee,

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