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I Luv It

This song is by East Sidaz.

East Sidersss Come Out and Play...
East Sidersss Come Out and Play...

Comin' In The Front sin State Ya Name And Game Yeah, The East
Sidaz Back and we came to BANG, Givin' It Up, Pistols and Chucks
We ain't Tainted, strictly insane and we do the damn thang

It's The Big Bad East Side Rolla, Now How Many Blocks We
Controllin'? 2-0-2-1-1-5-17-11-1-9 and a motherfucken dime

Murda Block to the Slock front'a Grandmumma House Damn Street
12th Street All Brands Knock Em Out Stay Deep Brand New Make
Streets To Launch Young Gs Lil Keys Casualties and whores
So We push the turf yeah what's it worth? Niggaz Love seein dirt so
We look for dirt where the shit don't stop and them Six Fours Hop If
Ya just get Socked then ya trip get Dropped

All Black Wit a Lil Bit Of Gold, Let me show you motherfuckers
How eastside roll foot to the pedal, every hand on stilletto extra
Clips to y'all, peachy low ghettos, I'ma bout to make this shit crack
I Got straps in this bitch I got Somethn Mo' Fat... To Lay You Mother
Fuckers Down, It Ain't no Thang When You Bang With The Dogg Pound.

I Loooove It, The way the homies come throught all blue, nigga what
You wan' do? We got Platinum on out chest nigga Yep Yooow
I Loove it Can't Stop Won't Stop So Love That L.B.C Life I Looove it
We do The Damn Thang All night better Yet fo' Liiife

I Love it, We Keepin' That Shit G, 'Cause that's All I See, I Love it, We
Always Gon' Roll and stay way too Deep, Tray dee, Gold Beef Snoop
Deuces and Tray, Still Give to the Ass the old Fasion Way, From The
L.B.C Where the shells leave pity, wannabes tryna beef wit the L.B.

Ay Yo I represent Till THe Shit Don't Stop, Fucken Paramedics and
Crooked Ass Cops, It hard To Maintain On the Front Line *front line*
So check this out 'cause I gotta get mine *Get Mine* Lil' Ridaz East
Sidaz comen with that G shit, you want some of this? hell nah TRICK!
I Keepin' That Shit Gangsta Yeah, Still Walkn on you prankstas Nigga.

We Don't really give a mad fuck nigga WHAT? get messed up catch
You comin' out the cut. We Ride G Rides Fuck Them All, Better
Hope you on my side when I Clutch ya Jaw, My Reactions Attractions
Fast and long Action, Till I Die East To side I Stay smashin' Represent
Mex like it's like its Meant to see, to the grave yard or the Penatentary.

Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom
Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom
Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom
Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom Zee!

I Am Sir Dogg, DPG Fuck, and I had a crip, I never wanted to crip
Oh No! Put Me Down! Let Go of My Legs!, Ill never Sleep Walk!
Do The Time Of Life, have To time Of Your Life!

Ooh, Yeah, what's Cripplin' Baby? Eastsiders, Deauces and Trays,
Oh, The old Fashion Way, Somethin' Uh, To Make you Move,
Groove And Definitely Sets the Mood, It's So Uh, Gangsta It's
So Uh, Busta It's The Hoody Hoody Goody Goody To make you Boogy
Oogy OOGY! Can Ya dig What I'm Talkn 'bout? I Smell You Fat Cat,
Now That's Funky, That's So Funky I'd Have to Say, UUUGHHHUHGHH!

East Sidaz come Back
East Sidaz come Back
East Sidaz come Back
East Sidaz come Back
East Sidaz come Back

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