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Gotta Be Crazy

This song is by Tha Eastsidaz.

(Chorus- Peter Stonez)
If you think you could fuck wit Bigg Cee, you gotta be crazy!
I'm only rollin' East-Side, ain't gon' quit no matter how much you pay me,
I'll drop a rhyme so hard it steals your respect along wit your lady,
And I'm gonna keep ridin', wit the East Side that's the shit that made me,

(Stonez Verse)
I could beat anyone, I'm ready son, I thought I told,
You pussy ass niggas all about the stacks I hold,
East Side, we hit'em up I got a heart set cold,
No mercy on anyone and my shit never get old,
Yo I'm a straight up gangsta and a part time pimp,
Fuck wit me, nigga I'll give you a part time limp,
It's simple, one shot I'll be freezin your balls,
And knock a nigga for no good reason at all,

(Keep-On Verse)
Get rich or die tryin', that's what 50 said,
So if I don't make it, then I'd rather be dead,
I'm gonna, try and hit the top, I'm not gonna stop,
So come my way, and you niggas get dropped,
I just, came in the game, you're gonna realize my fame,
'Cause my shit's never lame, all you niggas just rhyme the same,
I be the Keep dash O-N, get cash often,
Put a knife to your throat and have you coughin,
The East Side Connection is comin' through,
So you niggas better find out what the fuck to do,
Aight, Keeps just did his thing,
I'm gonna be crowned king,
I'm out now, so everyone bow,
Xtacee show these niggas what the East Side's all about
(Yeah nigga)

Yo I'm in the East Side I'm the youngest, not in the middle,
I'll run up on your house and leave your mother a widow,
I'ma fuck you up and have your ass fainting,
And when I'm done wit your face, it'll look like a Picasso painting,
I like taking body shots and licking girls bellies,
I don't need to rape bitches like Kobe and R. Kelly,
I got two rings on the fist, three watches on the wrist,
Fuck wit me, I'll give your neck a fuckin' 360 twist,

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