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40 Oz.

This song is by Tha Eastsidaz.

D12, Shady
This is how it goes down

(D12 Chorus 2X)
Pour a 40 out
Pour a 40 out
Pour a 40 out
Pour a 40 out

Who wanna be the first one to catch this plate in the throat
You know the po-po don't let me hold'em toasters no more
I just clapped three people you gonna be number four
If you don't back the fuck up and get the fuck off the floor
My crew is takin' over as soon as we hit the door
You hit the door, well we comin' in and you goin' home
Security they can't even stop us because they know
Running avenues, soldiers hold us down, and rep where we go!
Chugging on our 40's and holding our forty-fo's!
We come wit toasters like we just opened savings and loans!
And we don't need your brew tonight homie we brought our own!
So grab whatever you sipping on and let's get it on!

(D12 Chorus 2X)

(Peter Stonez)
We in the club and right about now, we're fuckin' pumped
Wanna fuck wit us, try it, then nigga you gettin' jumped
We're rollin' deep, and I don't even gotta act tough
'Cause I'm backin my shit talkin', nigga you're gettin' snuffed
Holdin', and gulpin down a bottle of Johnny's blue label
And I'm bout to throw everybody wit beef on the table
Ya bitch gets in the way, am I supposed to act manly
I don't give a fuck I'll kill her and her fuckin' family
Throwin' bottles, smokin' Cubans, right and left wit a fight
It ain't new, this shit's just another regular night
If it's on, you're walkin' out wit stitches, and sayin' sorry
But me, I'm walkin' out wit bitches, and fuckin' forties
It's the way it goes, nigga if you ain't keepin' shut
My fuckin' crew won't hesitate to put a knife in ya gut
I swear if anyone steps to my boy's face, it's a wreck
Cause believe me, nigga I'll blow the fuckin' place in a sec

(D12 Chorus 2X)

You see us in the club
Better back the fuck up, hahaa

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