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Destroy the Machines

This song is by Earth Crisis and appears on the album Destroy the Machines (1995).

Destroy the machines that kill the forests, that disfigure the Earth
Ecotage when efforts to reason fail and no longer have worth
Direct action is the only choice when wild lands are faced with destruction
Now is the time for counter-aggression
With every day that passes, the assault on nature accelerates
For the industrial nations' excessive ways
This world they devastate
Every biome on every continent is under man's attack
With every thing to lose we've drawn the line to hold them back
New bridges, roads and dams pave the way to develop what wilderness remains
All must be prevented or destroyed for the wild lands to sustain
Fighting to save the animals. Their freedom is our peace
For their habitats' preservation, for the violence against them to cease

Earth liberation through ecodefense
To halt the insanity of the yellow death machine advance

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