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Born From Pain

This song is by Earth Crisis and appears on the album Destroy the Machines (1995).

Strength. Born from pain. Beyond that of my flesh
Betrayed, robbed and beaten, but not defeated
Through my search for allies, I've found myself
Persistence is the answer to regain all that was taken
Hatred drives me onward across to desolation
Of dying dreams and failure
To find I am my own salvation

From the experience of injustice
From the horror that I have witnessed
Comes the knowledge that freedom
Must be won

Strangled by frustration, no longer will I be my victim
My patience is waning. Now all it takes is one spark to set me off
I got to try to find some peace and hold that peace inside
Before it gets too late, emancipate my mind

Breathing life into my visions
Forcing them into reality
From paradise into the inferno, into paradise, into paradise

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