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My Time

This song is by Earshot and appears on the album Letting Go (2002).

I struggled with this pain inside, but it was too strong
you looked so catatonic, you knew it was wrong
destructive, tainted, heated words scraped off your tongue
singing wholly sinful song

if you feel the way I feel and you want to go to heaven for the first time
one more time

you wanna know why I am the way I am
you wanna hear the truth the love the way that only I can tell
you wanna hear a song that moves and hangs inside of you
you wanna feel and see the magic that only I can sell

I'm gonna plug it in, turn it up, settle in
and turn the self-indulgent matrons over belly up
I'm gonna find a way to touch you
and blow away the hate for you to hear this fallen angel's song


my dear friends out there, standing atop the mountain
did you find your faith in God
when you found that you were buried at the bottom


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