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Placer Found (2000)Edit

Early Day Miners - Placer Found
Placer Found
  1. Placer Found
  2. East Berlin at Night
  3. Texas Cinema
  4. In These Hills
  5. Stanwix
  6. Longwall
  7. Desert Cantos

Let Us Garlands Bring (2002)Edit

Early Day Miners - Let Us Garlands Bring
Let Us Garlands Bring
  1. Centralia
  2. Santa Carolina
  3. Offshore
  4. Silvergate
  5. Summer Ends
  6. Autumn Wake
  7. Light in August
  8. A Common Wealth

Jefferson at Rest (2003)Edit

Early Day Miners - Jefferson At Rest
Jefferson at Rest
  1. Wheeling
  2. New Holland
  3. Jefferson
  4. McCalla
  5. Awake
  6. Into Pines
  7. Cotillion

The Sonograph EP (2003)Edit

Early Day Miners - The Sonograph EP
The Sonograph EP
  1. Albatross
  2. Perish Room
  3. Bijou
  4. Bedroom, Houston
  5. Mosaic II
  6. Misrach

All Harm Ends Here (2005)Edit

Early Day Miners - All Harm Ends Here
All Harm Ends Here
  1. Errance
  2. Townes
  3. The Union Trade
  4. Comfort/Guilt
  5. All Harm
  6. Precious Blood
  7. We Know in Part
  8. The Way We Live Now
  9. The Purest Red

Offshore (2006)Edit

Early Day Miners - Offshore
  1. Land of Pale Saints
  2. Deserter
  3. Sans Revival
  4. Return of the Native
  5. Silent Tents
  6. Hymn Beneath the Palisades

The Treatment (2009)Edit

Early Day Miners - The Treatment
The Treatment
  1. In the Fire
  2. So Slowly
  3. The Surface of Things
  4. Spaces
  5. How to Fall
  6. The Zip
  7. Becloud
  8. Silver Oath

Additional information

Band members:
  • Daniel Burton
  • John Dawson
  • Jonathan Richardson
  • Marty Sprowles
Former members:
  • Joe Brumley
  • Rory Leitch
Record labels:

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