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​Holding Her And Loving You

This song is by Earl Thomas Conley and appears on the album Don't Make It Easy For Me (1983) and on the album Perpetual Emotion (1998).

This song has been covered by Clay Walker under the title "Holding Her And Loving You".
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Holding Her And Loving You
It's the third hardest thing I'll ever do
Leavin' here without you
And the second hardest thing I'll ever do
Is tellin' her about you
She's been good to me
When things were goin' rough
How can I tell her now, good ain't good enough
Oh, the hardest thing I've ever had to do
Is holding her, and loving you

If she'd give me one good reason I'd be gone
She ain't done, one thing wrong
So don't expet me to just walk out of the door
I still love her, but I love you more
She's been good to me
When things weren't goin' right