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​I Don't Want You Back (Girl)

This song is by Eamon.

You know there are two sides to every story

See I don't know why you're crying like a bitch
Talking shit like a snitch
Why'd you write a song 'bout me?
If you really didn't care,
You wouldn't wanna share
Telling everybody just how you feel

Fuck what I did
It was your fault somehow
Fuck all the presents
I threw all that shit out
Fuck all the crying
It didn't meant jack
Well guess what!
Yo, Fuck you right back

You thought you could
Really make me moan
I had better sex all alone
I had to listen to your friend
Now you want me to come back
You must be smokin' crack
I'm going elsewhere and that's a fact

Fuck all those nights I moaned real loud out
Fuck it, I faked it

Aren't you proud
Fuck all those nights
You thought you broke my back
Well guess what!
Yo, your sex was wack
Oh, oh
Uh, huh

You question did I care?
Maybe I would have
If you would have gone on me
But now it's over
But I do admit I'm glad
I didn't catch your crabs
I can't sweat that 'cause I've got to go

Oh, oh
Uh, huh

You made me do this