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Last Man Standing

This song is by EPMD and appears on the album Back In Business (1997).

The year is 2000. All the real motherfuckers left
PMD, Def Squad, Hit Squad and the virus
Check it who I be (check it)

Erick Sermon:
This is Erick Sermon, one of God's children of billions
With more Hype than Williams
Maintain millions so when the world get close to ending
My squad prepare for squad spending,
I ain't begot no weapon - I'm lyin,
get caught off guard I'm firin until I hear sirens,
I'm Gone With The Wind, a black Clark Gable,
doin 80 in the Lexus sport a fat cable
Never hold nothing back, I get the stress of my chest
Fell this so all the envious hear this
I catch wreck any punk in my way I'm banded (Why E?)
Cause I'm the last man standin

"Whatever it takes how ever it gots to go down
4 mics on stage a motherfuckin' 4 pound"
--> P of Mobb Deep: Hell On Earth
Last man standing (2X)

Yeah, yo snap that neck, not playing with a full deck, make a nigga sweat
below the waist line by my johnson where my tools kept,
who I be? The code name PMD
Causialty to an MC who try to fuck wiht P,
or E-Dub Catch the burner with the snub, no love
A tight defence, like the glove,
So bring it any song we drop I bet you sing it
Check the logo and slip up and get creamed kid
My pen is registered like Bruce Lee on loose leaf
My crew be, timped down puffing looseys
Drop the slick shit, nigga wanna get with
Swiss Smith, street cat strap the business

Hook (2X)

Erick Sermon:
Black the Ripper, by barrack, cold like anemic
Believe it, it takes years for y'all to achieve it
Cause I'm a go getter, I get the loots, I get the cash
The blunts, the weed, the hash
and get white with my friends in the Benz
Smoke fill the car until I blind my lens
I lock down my statis, I be the baddest
Yes the one that get you open the most outspoken

The Shogun assassin, chinese connection, ninja maskin
We turnin to gravity, B-boy with the pants saggin
Ain't no stoppin, on the case like Johnny Cochran
The beats knockin, mock speed is what I'm clockin
With Erick Serm, mess with fire you get burned
Like a bad perm it's the return that niggas yearn
What, PMD and the bandit, never stranded
Bust a canon, cause it's the last man standin

Hook (2X)

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