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Gunpowder Valentine

This song is by Ellegarden and appears on the album Eleven Fire Crackers (2006).

I was what I thought
That's what I thought I was
Nothing's very new
But who cares about that now

Tower lift
Not giving up the faith
My head is so unplugged
I just don't get this

※Just don't bring me down
We have to get through
We are not trying to get it right
We are just dying to hold it tight
Just can't give you up
We have to get through
Nothing I can give in now
What a good day※

Beautiful face
Tied up both of my hands
Breaker falls too soon
But kind of boring now

Mars falls
And over-cooked bacon
My head is so confused
I just can't get this


Now I want to be out here
Stupid wise
Proud ashamed
Well you know
How much it will cost you getting back

Unnecessarily jumping around like a frog
If something's going wrong
It's none of your concern

The water is about to blow
Unsocial smiley face
There's nothing I can do
I just don't get this


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