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A Bag Of Chips

This song is by EA-Ski.

(Intro: Boss Hogg)<br/>(*eating a bag of chips*)<br/>Shit, niggas is hungry in this motherfucker<br/>I'm talkin' about for a bag of chips youknowhatI'msayin' dog? I don't think you do<br/>Nigga I ain't talkin' bout Bruffells nigga<br/>I ain't talkin' about Pringles, Doritos or Freedos nigga<br/>I'm talkin' about a bag of chips, oh you don't know what I'm talkin' about?<br/>Yo Boss make it Hogg, run it down like dat there<br/><br/>(CPO)<br/>I'm in this mode to gettin' a code - infra-red<br/>I bust legal presidents - preferrably dead<br/>I've examined my financal situation and found shit<br/>I'm incredibly grose, fuck it, it's goin' down<br/>I, investigate the blue prints of the plot<br/>To eliminate inferral incidents of me gettin' got<br/>Double check the plan it appears unflossed<br/>So without lettin' your Benz commence there's loads<br/>Jump in a ride, and it gets on to the designated<br/>Spot got the glock, cock 'em highly motivated<br/>Kick in the door, lettin' all the niggas try to flee<br/>You guess correct, this is a robbery<br/>Don't nothin' move the money as I engage in theft<br/>Stick the cash in the sack, exit stays left<br/>Um, police lookin' for the description who fits<br/>Fat black motherfucker with big ass bag of chips<br/><br/>(Chorus: CPO)<br/>Now I'm just lettin' my point be made<br/>I simply gots ta, gots ta get paid<br/>The one and only guy that'll search the grain<br/>Don't stop, now until I gets a bag of chips<br/>Nigga, I'm just lettin' my point be made<br/>I simply gots ta, gots ta, gots ta get paid<br/>The one and only guy that'll search the grain<br/>Don't stop not until I gets a bag of chips<br/><br/>(EA-Ski)<br/>Ummmmhmmmm...<br/>I'm twistin' corners in the Beamer<br/>I'm dodgin' the police they want me fiendin' with Mr. Meaner<br/>And I'm lookin' for this bitch, I heard she got credit cards and shit<br/>Blank cheques and money orders, this bitch is gettin' rich<br/>Plus her niggas' gettin' ki's like a locksmith<br/>She's slippin' at the Fetti, tell her sore I grab my glock swift<br/>Meeked up around her neck and told that bitch to drive home<br/>Give up that credit cards, purse, gold and that mobile phone<br/>We get to crib this is on the alarm<br/>Open up that safe and I just might let you escape with no harm<br/>I lied, cause I beat that bitch badly with my pistol<br/>Got some ki's, some keys and I was in the wind like a whistle<br/>I kicked the Rockwilder and hopped the fence<br/>Then I signalled Gin, Cocktail, and torch that niggas resident<br/>And left my note on his six-hundred Benz<br/>Thanks for slippin' with my bag of chips, thanks for the ends

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