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This song is by E.S.T. and appears on the album Electro Shock Therapy (1989).

Fuckin' girls with fuckin' boys
Fuckin' singer with fuckin' voice
Fuckin' songs, fuckin' sounds
Fuckin' night in fuckin' towns

La-la-la-la-la... La-la-la-la...
They will take (They will take)
Your fuckin' life (Fuckin' life)
Just before (Just before)
You can say "Knife"
Knife, knife, knife...

Fuckin' people with fuckin' views
Fuckin' papers with fuckin' news
Fuckin' shadows, fuckin' lights
Fuckin' places, fuckin' sights

Fuck-faces on fuckin' screens
Tired legs in torn jeans
Hungry dogs of fuckin' size
With fuckin' shine in fuckin' eyes