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Down South

This song is by E.S.G..

Texas (H-Town, T-Town), Louisiana
Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas and Georgia, Dirty South

I got a hundred guns, a hundred clips
Nigga I'm from Down South (Down South)
I got a hundred pounds, a hundred bricks
Nigga I'm from Down South (Down South)
And you can tell, the way the Hummer sit
Nigga we from Down South (Down South)
We independent, niggaz getting rich
Yeah we from Down South (Down South)
And we be banging Screw

Enough talk about these fake ass kings, and title holders
Here's the definition of a Boss, fake soldier
You say the game over, it just begun
I'm Pac, Big and Pun all rolled in one
Helped a lot of niggaz out, like Flip and Slim Thug
Three years in the Penn, don't make me scuff my Tim's up
This AK-47, will fuck your limbs up
It's styrofoam homie, we don't fuck with pimp cups
Independent millionaires, quick to pull your card
All American Gangsta, better peep the Billboard
Fuck a bodyguard, it's glocks and mack 10's
I'm like that bitch nigga Bush, I'm still gon win
Top 10 fuck Gin, Purple Potion in the Benz
A long haired twin, with her lesbian ass friend
She like the blue lens, and my Davins that spin
But what I'm thinking, how to get these bricks to Michigan
Do it again do it again, then flip my ends
Now I'm riding in a Phantom, homie fuck a Benz
ATL what it do, Mississippi, Memphis Tenn
Them Florida niggaz, ain't scared to do you in
Alabama, Arkansas country boys getting paid
Bitch it's D-O-G, we control the dope trade
Use to ride on blades, we stepped it up a notch
Now it's 26 and 24, that's spinning every block
Yeah Texas sip lean, even Beanie Sigel sipping
Niggaz start tripping, Desert Eagle start ripping
So what you gon do, when the gun's in your mouth
E.S.G.-SES, and we represent the South g'yeah

Now what you know bout Bayou Classic, or the Southern Homecoming
Gram in Shreveport, fuck court 'cause we running
Tiger Paw Classic, or the Dallas Cottonbowl
Air shocks on the drive, (*zip-zip*) dropping low
Hit that Florida A&M, or Daytona for the weekend
Texas beach party, see we do a lot of freaking
24's creeping, bullets leave you leaking
O.G. in his prime, bitch my breaks ain't squeaking
'Cause we getting money, but ya snakes ain't eating
Sound on the voice, sound like a earthquake beating
In my ear lobe so here hoes, pay attention while I'm flowing
It's skill showing and my diamonds glowing, like my ear straight to arm
Connection we wrecking, keep plexing won't see your blessings
Smith-N-Wesson leave messes, on niggaz chests oh yes it's
Houston Texas chin checking, Bogalusa my section
Cadillac my collection, it's pimping at it's perfection g'yeah

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