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Sms- English Version

This song is by E.M.M.A. and appears on the album Tur & Retur (2004).

SMS with my best friend

When I SMS to you

This morning I was asleep
Woke up by a 'beep'
Got an SMS from my friend

It really felt okay
I smiled and said good day
Didn't want that feeling to end

Alexandra och Martina:
Let you know what I'm up to
Please reply to me A-S-A-P
Oh oh oh oh oh

SMS with my best friend
All the time there is no end
To all the stories I wanna share with you
Oh oh oh oh oh
SMS with my best friend
Send, reply, there is no end
You'll always know what I wanna do
When I SMS to you

You know I can't deny that I'm just too shy
I don't dare to talk to you

So much I wanna say and there's no other way
To get my message through

Elin och Marilinn:
You can't see that I'm smiling
You make my (?) baby that makes my day
Oh oh oh oh oh