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Run To You

This song is by E.M.D..

In a perfect world
I'm no one's fool
I would known to kept my cool
But that's not the case
I'm not looking good
I'm not backing down but I know I should

But I'm going to run to you
I'm going to try and mend my broken heart
I might have lost my mind but nothing seems too far
Yeah yeah
I'm going to run to you
I'm going to find a way to heal my soul
I'm going to run to you don't you know

I'm going to run to you, let's go with us

Keudae-neun nae salm soge bit
Odubdon nae kireul balkhin
Only one for me
No-neun nae salm soge munshin gipge bakhin
Jiul su om-neun nae sarangyi munshin
No-neun nae salm soge bein hyanggi no-neun
Nae salm sog onjena yeong-sunwi Right
You make me laugh
Onjena Ni gyoten naega isso
Don't forget this

So why does it hurt
I'm just a guy
Trying to find my way through life

Should I save myself from this old hell?
By letting go
Will I wake up to find that this loves got me blind
I will never ever know

I'm going to run to you

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