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​One Night Stanzas

This song is by E.C. Davis.

Tourist romances
In one night stanzas
The music means more
Than back home
Making love on the sand
With the moon in your hands
Saying see you next year
All alone

We met in a bar
I was playing guitar
Singing songs that I wrote
All night long
She was 2 months divorced
She owned her own horse
We walked in the sand
Like a song

She had a sweet smile
That said stay for a while

Her passion was moving too far
We melted together
Made love in the weather
On the beach
Down in front of the Csar

The Florida sun
Is romantic to some
It makes you forget youe morales
But it just isn't dirty
To make love in thirty
On the beach
Down in front of the Csar

Chorus (repeat 2 times)