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This song is by E.C. Davis.

I met her a little while ago
Waitin" tables babe, don't you know
She was the only one
I could talk too
Linda what's become of you

She was sweet and young
And oh so nice
Eagerness made me pay the price
Now when I call her
On the telephone
Her mother says she ain't home

Linda where have you gone
Linda did I do you wrong
Linda don't make me pay this price
I was just being nice

Do you want me to be mean or cruel
Does it matter if I'm macho or cool

Please baby tell me what you want
So I can be with you tonight

Well she called me on the telephone
About 2 hours we talked of home
She asked me to stop on by
She didn't come and talk
I could have died

Now I'm waiting for you to call
Cause my pride
Won't let me talk at all
Please baby you gotta make the move
Sittin' in my cold cruel room

Chorus (repeat 2 times)