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Dans La Fantasie

This song is by E-Type and appears on the album Loud Pipes Save Lives (2004).

Je me demande que tu fait maintenant je pense encore à toi
Pourquoi les dieux ne veut pas comprendre tout ça
Et je voudrais que tu, que tu vive ma vie
L'histoire était plus belle dans la fantasie

Met you in West-India
Over an endless sea
I never thought it could be for real
So few words, I never tired to feel

So why did it slip away
When did we go astray
I am to blame but I never lied
It's like a miracle passed me by

I'm on a distant shore
Too late but i long for more
I wonder why did you turn away
Love bites but I wanna stay

How could I be so blind
I can't get you off my mind
I wonder when did you turn away
Love bites but I wanna stay

Dans la fantasie...