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Made in Sweden (1994)Edit

E-Type - Made In Sweden

Made In Sweden

  1. Made In Sweden
  2. Set The World On Fire
  3. This Is The Way
  4. So Dem A Com
  5. Fight It Back
  6. Until The End
  7. When Religion Comes To Town
  8. Will I See You Again?
  9. Do You Always
  10. Russian Lullaby
  11. Me No Want Miseria
  12. Set The World (Unplugged)

The Explorer (1996)Edit

E-Type - The Explorer

The Explorer

  1. The Explorer
  2. Calling Your Name
  3. Back In The Loop
  4. I Just Wanna Be With You
  5. Free Like A Flying Demon
  6. You Know
  7. Forever Wild
  8. Fall From The Sky
  9. I'm Not Alone
  10. We Gotta Go
  11. You Will Always Be A Part Of Me
  12. So Dem A Com (Explorer version)

Last Man Standing (1998)Edit

E-Type - Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing

  1. Ultimos Homo Statans
  2. Angel's Crying
  3. Here I Go Again
  4. Princess Of Egypt
  5. Hold Your Horses
  6. I'm Flying
  7. Morning Light
  8. I'll Always Be Around
  9. Walk Away
  10. I'll Find A Way
  11. So Far Away
  12. Angels Country
  13. Pop preludium

Greatest Hits/Greatest Remixes (1999)Edit

E-Type - Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits/Greatest Remixes

  1. Set The World On Fire
  2. This Is The Way
  3. Do You Always
  4. So Dem A Com
  5. Russian Lullaby
  6. Free Like A Flying Demon
  7. Calling Your Name
  8. Back In The Loop
  9. I Just Wanna Be With You
  10. You Will Always Be A Part Of Me
  11. Angel's Crying
  12. Here I Go Again
  13. Princess Of Egypt
  14. Hold Your Horses
  15. I'm falling

Euro IV Ever (2001)Edit

E-Type - Euro IV Ever

Euro IV Ever

  1. Norby 4 Ever
  2. Life featuring Na Na
  3. Africa featuring Na Na
  4. Banca Banca
  5. Arabian Star featuring Na Na
  6. When I Close My Eyes featuring Na Na
  7. Loneliness - Ring The Alarm
  8. Star
  9. Time featuring Na Na
  10. No More Tears featuring Na Na
  11. Borschstjii featuring Marki-Markki the Dragon Killer
  12. Campione 2000
  13. Oh Weda (Song from Sveakampen)

Loud Pipes Save Lives (2004)Edit

E-Type - Loud Pipes Save Lives

Loud Pipes Save Lives

  1. Loud Pipes Save Lives
  2. Paradise featuring Na Na
  3. Camilla
  4. The Predator
  5. Dans La Fantasie
  6. The Original You
  7. Far Up In The Air featuring Na Na
  8. Forever More featuring Na Na and LG
  9. Rain
  10. If Heaven Were To Fall
  11. Lost And Goodbye
  12. Olympia (Sports Edition)

Eurotopia (2007)Edit

E-Type - Eurotopia


  1. True Believer
  2. Tide
  3. Eurofighter
  4. Make Us High
  5. Like A Child
  6. Last Day Alive
  7. To The Lions
  8. Ding Ding Song
  9. Inside
  10. True Believer (Extended Mix)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Back 2 Life - Ali Payami Remix Radio Edit
  2. Believe In Me
  3. Es ist nie vorbei (Blümchen Vs. E-Type)
  4. Obey
  5. Set The World On Fire (Unplugged)

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