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Going Down

This song is by E-Miracle.

(Verse 2 - FLO)
The drums knock the beat bang it's dumb hot
I see pain we need change to come by
Where G's claim the street names and guns pop
If one drops it's going down Yung Joc
Hit the ground you hear the sound the fun stops
From little smiles to bitter frowns they love not
They want cream but need to fight the sunblock
Jesus Christ the key to life unlock
One God tied to the King that's something not
I'm a ride for the team mobbing y'all finna be
Vibing until we get shut down
Not shut out opposition 'bout to be my dinner
Y'all be in the zone but God realer
Caught 'em in the dope with a pride killer
I ain't glued to my emotion you ain't my opponent
There's a war going on within the youth and I'm a soldier
Just speak the youth deny the culture give Yeshua my devotion
They just gone have to sue me I ain't moving I ain't folding
Let's go

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