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This song is by E-40 and appears on the album Charlie Hustle The Blueprint of a Self-Made Millionaire (1999).

Uh, you in a new school whip custom painted candy apricot butter
I'm in an antique oldschool four door muffler draggin' beat up duster
Wit scrapes and scratches, nicks and scars
Y'all git to drink out of wine glasses, we gotta drink out of jelly jars
Down and out like four flat tires no washing machine nor dryer
Just ah pillow sack
And ah bunch of clothes wrapped in a sheet on our way to the laundrymat
Will I ever get paid, can I make a dollar out of fifteen cent
Y'allz got it made, we broke and starvin' barely payin' the rent
Sleepless nights, alligator tears
Mommy arguin' wit my daddy, daddy drunk too many beers
911 Mr.Po, Po dey ain't happy wit day marriage
Pops tryn'a beat her down and make her have a miscarriage
My cousin shoots the needle, she be gone for days
She on that da ah diesel, she gone end up wit aids
I told her I love her but you know what she said to me
Everybody got a gay or atleast one dope fiend in they family
You ain't the only one wit a reject in yo family
That's real

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