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I'm Da Man

This song is by E-40 and appears on the album My Ghetto Report Card (2006).

(Feat. Al Kapone, Mike Jones)

(Intro / Chorus 2X: Al Kapone)
Drank in my cup, blunt in my hand
Hoes on my dick 'cause they know I'm da mayn! [3X]

Drank in my cup, blunt in my hand
Hoes on my dick 'cause they know I'm the man
I'm in the V.I.P. 'cause I'm very I'm-por-tant (tant)
Unfortunately I see some niggaz I can't stand (I can't staind)
So I stepped to them suckers and confronted 'em like I should
We can settle this now or we can settle this in the hood
Uh, so what y'all wanna do? I got a hundred dudes
We got a hundred tools, tryin' to get on somethin' new
You married to the ave and still datin
I'm loyal to my soil, I don't need no ultimatum
Stop hatin', I ride with my crimeys in crime
I grind with the gritty and grime, let's go!
I'm buyin my yola, you gettin' chronic
I'm tryin' to go out the park, you tryin' to bunt it
So you know if I drop it then it's a hit
The game got it in my grip like a catcher's mitt

(Mike Jones)
Mike Jones, geyeah!
Geyeah, Ice Age Entertainment
Sick Wid It baby, geyeah!

You know me I get that purple jelly in my cup, 84's rollin' up
Hoes know I'm the man, 'cause I'm always showin up
My big bills so swoll that I can't even fold 'em up
Big bills so swoll that I can't even fold 'em up
Hold 'em up, who dat is representin the South
With them diamonds in his mouth, know what I'm talkin' 'bout
Mike Jones, nigga in the streets I'm a king
April 18th I'm droppin' "The American Dream"
I'm 'bout to shut down the game, my car shut down the lane
E-40, Mike Jones and Ice Age Entertain'
Gettin' change, we grippin grain in the turnin' lane
With a cup full of mud, and a pocket full of change
Mike Jones, I'm sittin' sideways in my dropper
Lookin' out for coppers, checkin' these boppers
Mike Jones, 2-8-1, 3-3-oh
8-zero-zero-fo', holla at me, I got that

(E-40 - echo each phrase)
Uh - actin' bad... showin my ass...
Havin' my cash... rappin' fast...
Duke of the ave... slangin them sacks...
Like a {?}.. smokin' grass...
Blazin' the block... sellin that hot...
Slickin the cops... pushin that rock...
Totin them chops... open up shop...
Punchin the clock... pistols cocked...
Havin' my change... drivin' a Range...
Switchin the lanes... hyphy train...
Claim to fame... makin' a name...
Deep in the game... what set you claim...
Doin' it movin... hoes be choosin'...
'Cause we winnin'... and y'all losin...
Big tycoon... drinkin' pukin...
Niggaz feudin... fightin shootin

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