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End of the World

This song is by E-40 and appears on the album Grit & Grind (2002).

Its I came in the game wit a few dollars I left the gamw wit a few mill and
That the way I would retire in this rap game fareal get a dirrabution deal wash
Up some of this dirty scrill live upon a hill like e-40 fonzarll angle my
History shownin some love to all of my thugs all my folks incoratin
Coffir grands cushed up big a and lil a my cauison 45 and mac ro see you when
You touch down man I'm doin' all rite I miss ya call the other night but I got you
Kite you know my cauison such and such don got back on the pipe they took her
Down the other night for triena still a bike but any wat it won't be long and I
Can't wait to y'all get home cause its to many funny style ass niggas on this
Earth the real one gone hoshle to moshel man gas is cheap and no more woodie
Lift out here I'm wonna that last of them on heat

It's the end of the World
Everybodys lookin' fo some satisfaction

I juss want me a gurl
Every Motha Fucku with some weed start passin'

It's the end of the game
Every damn bitch is tryin' to get, them a name

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