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This song is by Dying Wish and appears on the album Never-Ending Road (2001).

My tired soul sometimes
Escapes from the loneliness
I'll never be alone
In the sea of memories
I'm just lying on the ground
And watching the stars
Thousands of wonderful lights
Bluish eyes of angels

I'm a child again
I'm walking around the moon
On the stardust path
Leaving all the limits
The wind embraces me
While slowly rocking me to sleep
Tells me in a soft voice
A story about endless time

Tell me more!
Don't let this miracle come to an end!
Tell me more!
I've got short time, don't let me go!

Purple rays of the autumn twilight
Paint the past onto my face
The past that is still alive
Under the wrinkles of many years
Sometime I still soar
Free as a bird
Sometimes I still soar
Free as an angel

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