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Struggle Inside

This song is by Dying Wish and appears on the album Never-Ending Road (2001).

I've been building walls around me
Through which you'll never see
What hides inside this lonely man
Who was born to live for eternity.

I've been wearing a mask to hide
All my feelings fighting inside.
I never let anyone too close
'Cause I feared the pain would be gross.

I've had enough, I want to change
Even if it sounds too strange
I want to get out this rusty cage.
You cannot change till "I" say so.
But I will never let you go.

This fearful voice rulesover me.
Now through the walls I cannot see.
I am a slave to the Evil's will
But I think I've already paid my bill.

I'll pull up now and be strong
I know all my life I have been wrong.
It is high time to get things straight
I have no more time to wait.

Life has been a desperate struggle.
The difference from Hell would be subtle.
Concealing what you should show
Makes the sorrow inside you grow.
Brick by brick I'll pull down the walls
And I don't care if the Evil's calls.
Brick by brick I'm getting stronger
I'm no one's slave any longer.

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