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This song is by Dying Wish and appears on the album D.Y.I.N.G. W.I.S.H. (2005).

Lost in disappointment beyond space and time
Harking for noises when there's nothing to hear
Just the orphans lonely cry
In the roaring wind awhile

Disconsolately wandering all alone
Seeking for lifesign in a lifeless place
Out of path in the mist of void
Overgrown by rumbling tide

The wind groans straight into my ears
The last beam of light disappears
I cry, I die
Where the pilgrims sorely sigh

Silent birds fly through the faceless night
Tired teardrops vanish upon the ground
I've lost myself in no one's land
Just the pilgrims hold my hand

Lurking in a clouded corner of my mind
Shades of past time become alive
I'm down on my knees again
But it does not ease the pain

The wind groans straight into my ears...

Scream, scream painfully wind
Show me what else could I find
Than crave
For grave
When I know there's no escape

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