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In Your Hand

This song is by Dying Wish and appears on the album D.Y.I.N.G. W.I.S.H. (2005).

I see your face and I don't understand
Why are you sad while in your hand

Everything that you want
Every little part
But I'd like to hide my god

I interrupt your show
When you sell my dreams
My sad and miserable things

Beneath your skin I'm your god
I am proud of my past
I'm a tattoo on your heart
I feel you burnt my lust
You believe in your escape
I know that you're a poisonous snake
I'll stop you by my stake
To commit suicide so you're late

And the tears fall to our head
And I'm standing above your bed
I watch your turbid eyes
Where my past's already died

I see your face and I understand
Why are you sad when I'd defend

Any chance that I've found
To give light to you
You need to decide what we should do

Look behind my mirror
Tell me what you see
I'm sitting there, crying for me

Feel my hand on our skin?
I try to wash your fingerprint
I seek your weakest, bloody wish
My desires sink
I won't leave you alone
My anger's constantly grown
You're feeding me with your pain
I'll break out from your brain

I see myself
In your hand
I'm following you
But I hate this road
I feel inside
My cells are you
You become alive
While I die
I die

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