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Haunted By Visions

This song is by Dying Wish and appears on the album D.Y.I.N.G. W.I.S.H. (2005).

It was not so easy to be a child
Now I can feel that I'm growing older
Behind fancy dreams I can no longer hide
And my heart is slowly getting colder

Feels like the world has changed so much
Nothing remained the same as this before
I became weak and too frightened to touch
My colourless image in the mirror

Seeking for traces of the human deep inside
Billowing in the flood of suffering
Cannot believe that there's nothing left to find
Only frost and lonely shivering

The light of the last candle slowly dies
Not a voice not a hand to hold here
There's no sense to keep opened my eyes
I could behold only my own fear

Marching for the calmness
From the madness
To take some hideaway
Pale visions of sadness
In the darkness
Haunt me day by day

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