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Fragments Of The Past

This song is by Dying Wish and appears on the album Never-Ending Road (2001).

This world we live in
Ain't what it used to be
The roads I have walked
Still mean so much to me
I don't want to forget
Any milestone of the past
I do want remember
Every minute of the past.
I'm beginning of realise
I haven't been alone
Many influenced me,
People I've always known.
The past determines
Who I am today.

It's the soil of my existence,
I can't throw it away.
The past is like my mother,
It has brought me up.
How could I forget
The way to the top,
The road to the valley
'Cause I've been there, too.
Sometimes I was happy
Sometimes I felt blue.

The walls of the future
They will fall down fast
If they are not built
From the fragments of the past.

Ignoring what has happenend
Won't take us anywhere.
"History repeats itself"
To doubt it I wouldn't dare.
We should learn from the mistakes
We have already made.
And to make changes
We should never be afraid.

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