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​Path To The Land Of Visions

This song is by Dying Passion and appears on the album Amplify (2012).

You're said to fancy behold my most secret dreams
I cannot tell if I'm able to reveal
My mind itself is going to glimpse their pieces
Cannot see them as the whole
They are sharp as a razor
Long is the path to the land of visions
Let yourself be seized by fear that's gripping your soul

Plunge straight in the ice-storm
Listen well to its invocating roar
As soon as the blood in your veins grows cold
You may be warmed up by awareness, you'll be number one

We'll be flying, high in the air
Through night and day
You can't tell apart two different spells
The sun and stars don't belong to the sky
Obscure clouds remains

Beyond the raging waters there's our destiny
Where stone and stone unite in harmony
That's where my relics dwell, there was my home
Where I had lived long time ago

Memories float back in mind, like black crows
Don't look at me as tears are running down my face
Here's the well, further lives stream only muddy river
The pain of wound that's never healing ...never healing ...never

Despite of being your guide, I've suddenly grown speechless
I thought that next to you all will be different
But there's blood on my hands again
After ages all comes back again...
After ages all comes back again