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​On The Other Side Of Barricade

This song is by Dying Passion and appears on the album Absorb (2009).

It's not me, who's writing these words
Insisting to be alive
To the meaning but don't know
Anything at all

It's not me, who keeps out of your view
Show off wrong side, not the face
It's not me, who'll be up in arms
When the battle's over and the land's in peace
It's not me shouting at the others:
"Go ahead and fight"!
With the hole shot into the soul

Crouching in the corner at one quiet night
Sleepless, begging on my knees
Like a restless child - it's not me

It's not me, who's confused about
What is wrong and what is right
Telling the truth instead of a white lie
It's not me, who's always been asking
But hasn't anything to give back
It's not me, taking the wrong way many times
Wanting to give it up all

Crouching in the corner at one quiet night
In the agony I fell on my knees
Give a rabid sneer instead of a smile
Crouching in the corner at one quiet night
Fooling around, though the music of star spheres
Sound in the air

It's not me, who's going to grasp the bottle
It's HER, she's the deserter!