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My Apology

This song is by Dying Passion and appears on the album Absorb (2009).

I'm leaving, swallowing pride, with my eyes dropped
So hard to say how much I'm sorry
Last night I was rude and forward
My silly whims, uneasy device
Like a siren roaring in tranquility

Not for now, I call for patience
As I'm leading to you with my apology
I'm like a stone falling down from the rock
Still flying, in a moment hits the ground

Me and I, a kind of selfish, that's all me
Greed promoted to an emotion
First comes the tender warmth, then the avid cold
As dead man's hand reached the door
Run, baby, run before the echo of my vicious soul
Leads you astray

Where the heart should be
Something has stung and it hurts little bit
Should I regret it?
It's just an illusion, baby, just an illusion

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