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Muse Of Mundane Days

This song is by Dying Passion and appears on the album Absorb (2009).

Oh, my Muse of mundane days
Everyday when the sun is rising
I can see your image getting close to me
It gets me get that feeling with an intensity

You speak to me
With the voice of advisor soul
I give you an ear

Oh, my Muse of hard-working days
When you tell your stories, long or brief
About the world's grief
The most vicious men hanging on noose
And all has been done as it should

It seems I could finally find peace in my heart

Maybe I've got everything I ever wanted
Maybe I'm nothing else but a foolish dreamer
However, without your smile and warm word
I'd be dead and gone, rotten deep under the ground
Please let me in, let it happen over and over again

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