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Journey To What Is Due

This song is by Dying Passion and appears on the album Absorb (2009).

Many years covered me the thought
To follow my dreams
The sweat of struggles left no easy kindled token
From Monday to Friday, never I stop toiling the soil
But why waste my time, take a good look around
All the precious things have been already found

Now I am here, today
Joining the joyous song of tomorrow
Playing the harp that gives sorrow
The perfect melody
Accompanied by the sounds of the future

Many years took me to stand where I am
In spite of courage, enough for dozen men
My self-confidence still fading
And nothing's changing
I have fought to live my life, not just exist
I have had to drunk my share of wine
As one of the division's front line

Kings may have wonderful jewels to wear
Mother has only a kiss for her king
I've given all I had to give, it was worth everything
The secret of the privileged leads me in this realm

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