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​Enlightenment (Goodbye Wasted Life)

This song is by Dying Passion and appears on the album Transient (2013).

A moment of a morning sunrise you will never see again
It's your sad destiny
You had your chance like anybody else
Where did you make a mistake?
You know it well but you never chose the right way
Day by day
Many times you were down
One day you must stay on the ground where you belong

You've become a part of the other side
There is no return
Dead can't come alive
It's too late to cry
To think what you have done
And now it's all gone

What do we live for?
Why do we have to fight?
You may find the answers but you still have to die
Is it better to live like you will never wake up again?
Now can you tell? Now you should understand

You'll be missing it so much
You've lived so fast, was it worth it?