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Broken Sleep

This song is by Dying Passion and appears on the album Absorb (2009).

When the silence visits me
In my lonely days
My mind brings back all the events
In my solitaire mood it paints

Then the silence tip toe and come
Disturbing my mind in bond
It gently spreads in my darkened room
Inclosing me with to desire my doom
Lay down on me

I step from plank to plank
So slow and cautiously
The stars about my head I felt
About my feet the sea

I knew not but the next
Would be my final inch
This gave me that unstable gait
Some call experience

Then I tried to drive it away out
Yet it insists and pretends to shout
I cannot control this urge
It makes the entire world to stay about

Welcome the nights of broken sleep
And days of cold rejection
Dreamers, believers
Half awaken in a sweet unrest
Waiting for their redemption

Welcome the nights of broken sleep
And days of carnage cold
Could I deem that you would weep
To hear my perils told

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